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Menara Aria, Indonesia | 10,000 Sqft

Feen's new office empowers staff to create a pioneering workplace culture.

A multitude of collaborative settings coupled with a phenomenal view of the sea fosters a deep relation for its users.

Feen Marine is recognised as the ‘go-to’ competence in the Inert and Exhaust Gas Systems industry with a vision to constantly developed products that meet the ever-changing needs of their clients and regulatory environment.

As an employee-centric company, Feen Marine puts the comfort and creativity of its employees first, by maximizing natural lighting and sharing panoramic sea views. 

The workspace fosters common purposes and reinforces a culture of teamwork through a multitude of collaborative spaces. Illusive details like the irregular accent carpet enhances interaction and embraces a culture that places innovation as a core element.

The black corridor stands out in contrast to the white open ceiling highlighting the general circulation in the space. The space showcases a complete employee branding experience with hints of blue used subtly through the office to create a nuance colour.  In view of Feen’s field of work, graphics that represent the movement of water in the sea are applied on the glass partitions and walls to create an illusion of an endless wave.

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