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LKH Building | 10,120 Sqft

Out with the old, In with the bold.

As geometric shapes and vivid colours intertwine, they weave a tapestry that transforms the office into a dynamic and spirited workspace.

As a leading electric solutions provider in Southeast Asia, LKH Electric is embarking on a workplace transformation tailored for the next generation of talented individuals. The design objective is to create a vibrant office that elicits feelings of freshness and zest by infusing their corporate identity colours into the modernized workspace. 


To create an impactful first impression, users are welcomed by a sculptural barrisol light, casting an inviting glow that sets the tone for a harmonious and contemporary space.  The integration of biophilic elements, such as the moss wall and plants, strengthens the connection between employees and nature.


Embracing an open layout, the design amplifies natural lighting and promotes visual transparency throughout the workspace. Within the workspace, herringbone carpet tiles are strategically laid to highlight touchdown zones for colleagues to engage. 


Operable walls provide the flexibility to easily reconfigure the spaces based on specific needs. This allows the multi-purpose space to host events from private conferences to seminars and workshops. Circadian lighting is also employed in selected feature spaces, contributing to enhanced moods, improving overall well-being and showcasing the firm’s products at the same time. 

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