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Suntec City Offices | 9,000 Sqft

A feature on dynamic angles and striking contrasts.

Pops of vibrant colours accompanied with clean, angular lines achieves a futuristic and cutting edge design.

The Singapore office was designed with an intent to integrate private offices & an open collaborative workspace giving the users the freedom to innovate, in line with Veeam’s corporate identity. 

Striking green accents create visual bridges between zones and pops of vibrant colours accompanied with clean, angular lines reflects the company’s bold yet elegant brand personality, achieving a futuristic and cutting edge design.

Deliberate yet purposeful geometric forms branches out from the circulation space, creating pockets of collaborative environments that trigger strong engagement between co-workers. With centralised shared spaces strategically placed at the heart of the office space, it seamlessly bridges the rest of the space together. This point of connection fosters collaborative and productive environment, promoting a sense of community and corporate identity amongst co-workers.


These spaces activate the involvement of the people who live them, with flexible and efficient solutions, which allow everyone to be able to choose the way they work as well as establishing a real sense of belonging and pride.

The infusion of greenery into the space reconnects with the natural world, inspiring co-workers, boosting productivity and instilling a stronger sense of well-being.

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