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Techplace II | 33,800 Sqft

The workshop offers a ingenious launch pad for aspiring businesses.

The revolutionary approach to integrate coworking spaces and openup storage for start-ups pushes the boundaries.

A brand new concept created by Ascendas Singbridge. An imaginative co-working space with the aim of benefiting SMEs, start-ups and industrialists in a redefined industrial space, with the use of flexible, modular arrangements.

Two prominent features that helped achieve the industrial effect are the black lattice that frames the private spaces and the cement screed floor that spreads through the shared spaces. The harmony of warm hues and wood elements, creates an
ambience cosy enough to make one feel at home. Materials such as breezeblocks and black metal elements are introduced to further amplify the upmarket industrial design.

With private offices lining the perimeters of the space, a centralized pantry and bespoke coworking space is created. The lines between working and socializing are blurred by this deliberate design, thus creating opportunities for communication.

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