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Tanjong Pagar | 3,000 Sqft

Blurring the lines between language

and culture

a layered response to reflect the heritage and exquisiteness of the neighbourhood.

Nestled in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, a historic district imbued with rich culture and vibrancy, Mediamonks’ second workspace in Singapore is centered around the theme of elegant eclecticism. The branding narrative is infused into the space through the use of industrial elements, while building upon the existing character of a conservation shophouse.

The key feature of the space is the central community space dubbed ‘The Commune’, where users from both offices are invited to linger and mingle, extending the communal spirit across space boundaries.

Nature-inspired accents, green spaces and natural lighting blurs the borders between the indoor and outdoor. Thoughtfully selected Peranakan accents adds a vintage charm to the setting, while modern furniture pieces create a stark contrast against the legacy of the building, creating a holistic experiential workplace.  

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