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Science Park II | 6,500 Sqft

The allure of luxe coworking inspires a space where style seamlessly merges with productivity and success.

The design emphasizes the concept of cRAFTING A BUSINESS ACCELERATOR that aligns with a PREMIUM aesthetic.

Located in Science Park 2, The Workshop has the intention of forging a community of passionate entrepreneurs in the resarch & technology field.


The entrance invites users directly into a social and collaborative forum which is furnished with private phone booths and communal bar tables. This curates an inspiring spatial environment ideal for open communication. The availability of an event space accommodates a higher volume of people to promote positive engagement and interactions.


The design language includes the use of statement lighting, layering colours and textures to create a luxe and masculine atmosphere for working professionals. The presence of curvilinear graphic elements forms a dynamic visual experience within the space, creating a sense of flow and continuity.

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