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Techplace II | 13,000 Sqft

The expansion of the co-working space sees a new generation of private offices and high-energy interaction spaces.

Curating a spatial experience that inspires community engagements by cultivating opportunities for casual yet professional interactions.

The Workshop at AMK has established itself as a ground zero for the community of start-ups and SMEs. Growing across 5 more units has opened up additional windows of opportunities and functional areas.


Through methodological spatial planning, the forum is placed in the core of the space, acting as a catalyst for exchange of dialogues between people. Curated modern furnishings in blue and yellow accents zest up the space while creating an optimal environment for agile working that heightens productivity.


The design language follows closely with the existing space: cool tones of concrete and warm hues of wood homogenize to achieve a visually balanced look. Materials such as breezeblocks and black metal elements are introduced to further amplify the upmarket industrial design.

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