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Neil Road | 7,500 Sqft

The story behind Mediamonks' new APAC headquarters stems from the roots of Singapore's heritage.


The first of its kind, the 3-storey conservation shophouse nestled in the heart of one of the city's oldest neighbourhoods, houses not one but three separate entities; S4 Capital, Mediamonks & MightyHive. Mediamonks is one of the most awarded creative production companies in the world; MightyHive is a recognized leader in programmatic digital buying; and S4 Capital is a marketing venture capital firm with a vision to create a new era, new age digital solution for global brands.

The concept behind this consolidation is to create a cohesive workspace without any segregation between the three companies, unifying them into one community; a creative hub where employees from different fields can be seated next to each other, fostering relationships and generating new ideas. 

East meets west;

The rich heritage of the neighbourhood is a key influence behind the design of the space. Hints of eastern elements are delicately infused into the space, spanning accross the levels, and transitioning into a westernized upbeat modern vibe via a visual bridge - a high tech VR display. Similarly, the rooms are themed according to various cultural landmarks, and eclectic furniture and quirky materials are integrated to bring the themes alive.

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