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Samsung Hub | 12,000 Sqft

Holman Fenwick Willan took the opportunity in designing their new office to conceive a corporate, aesthetically pleasing outlook.

Every aspect of the design was developed to represent the company’s core value of professionalism.

Holman Fenwick Willan is a global law firm advising businesses engaged in international commerce. Portraying the modern and corporate look, the design of the office is clearly defined by public and private spaces. A blend of contemporary and modern design is used to reflect the corporate identity of HFW.


Integrating the use of operable glass walls in the front of house creates a flexible and functional space. Furthermore, this flexible planning with double glazed acoustic glass walls allows the office to be multi-configurational, giving it the ability to host a dynamic range of activities such as meetings, town hall, gatherings and event areas in the heart of the office.

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