Suntec City | 4,000 Sqft

The embassy of Chile’s warm and welcoming design prioritizes employees’ well-being.

Responsible for representing the country in the development of relations between Chile and Singapore, the Embassy of Chile protects the rights and interests of the Chilean State. A transitional design aids in bringing sophistication through a balance of modern and classic styles. Clean lines create a comforting and soothing ambience while the application of wood and a neutral palette brings forth a warm and timeless design fit.

Glass walls receive copious amounts of light, and a hint of marble textures throughout the space create an elegant and posh environment. A large centralized bar counter in the heart of the office accommodates both the staff and their guests.

2 Sims Close #07-08

Gemini@Sims Singapore 387298

Tel: +65 6710 4211

Fax: +65 6710 4253


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